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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

દુઃખ આવે તો માણસે શું કરવું જોઈએ?

 Morning Motivation with Moraribapu: What should a person do if he is in pain?  Bapu explained the parable of the cotton flower

Nowadays people get frustrated, sad, frightened, lose courage and get tired of small things.  As soon as the eye is opened in the morning, negative thoughts surround the human being.  Why would this happen to me ?, Can I do it or not ?, If I don't get success?  Etc. Etc ... The day that starts with anxiety ends with anxiety and so the years and years go by.

It is natural to fail the exam or get a poor result, fail in business, do not do as desired, do not do the expected work or do not meet the requirements.  But who cares!  We want instant, not patience at all.  It takes effort, not effort.  To be successful but not to struggle.  It's just that we haven't had any problems or frustrations since we were little, so what's the point of fighting?  In such a situation, it has become common to take the wrong step without even thinking about it.  This is the confusion of those who have crossed a certain age, but also of the youth and the novelists who are on the threshold of youth.  No one has confidence or faith in God.  The opposite is happening in every area of ​​life.  Today, relationships like these are not excluded.

 Why does a man sit in a trap like fear, anger, indifference, doubt and epilepsy?  What does such a dead-minded man want?  Obviously motivated.  As part of this effort, Divya Bhaskar has started a daily series called 'Morning Motivation with Moraribapu'.  In this series, you can enjoy Bapu's motivation as an audio podcast.  Bapu's voice can transmit energy in discouragement.  Makes a commitment to be able to succeed without showing shortcuts.  You can enjoy such interesting, inspirational and motivational podcasts on the homepage of Divya Bhaskar app daily from 6-30 am to 11 pm and throughout the day in Dharmadarshan section.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

 In today's podcast, Moraribapu talks about monasticism.  Bapu says that in sadhuta one has to suffer.  Sadhuta does not come without sorrow.  To illustrate this, Moraribapu gives the parable of the cotton flower.  Bapu says that the fibers of the cotton flower are also felt on the wound of a man, and finally become a garment by becoming a garment.  So everyone should learn to live by wear and tear.  So let's enjoy today's podcast.

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