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Thursday, April 28, 2022

ગમખ્વાર અકસ્માત:વડોદરાના જાંબુવા બ્રિજ પાસે બે કાર, બે બાઇક અને ડમ્પર વચ્ચે અકસ્માત, પતિ-પત્નીના મોત, શરીરના ફુરચેફુરચા ઊડ્યા

There was a strange accident between the five vehicles.

 Due to the narrowness of the bridge over the Jambuwa river, accidents are frequent and people are losing their lives

 A tragic accident took place this morning near Jambuwa Bridge on National Highway near Vadodara between two bikes, two cars and a dumper.  The biker couple from Bharuch were killed in the Gozari incident. Traffic on the highway was disrupted following the tragic accident.  As a result, long queues of vehicles formed on the highway.  When the incident was reported to Makarpura police, a police convoy rushed to the spot and action has been taken in this regard.

Three people were killed on the road

 A dumper took two bikers to Adfet this morning near Jambuwa Bridge.  He was also involved in a tragic accident involving two drivers.  In the accident, three persons, including a woman and a man, were killed on the road while passing by on a bike.  Died on the spot.  The body parts of the bikers who were hit by the vehicle were blown away and the meat was scattered on the road.  Due to the narrowness of the bridge over the Jambuwa river, accidents are frequent and people are losing their lives.

There was a traffic jam on the highway

 Following this incident, there was a traffic jam on the highway from Vadodara to Surat and from Surat to Vadodara.  It is estimated that only two members of the Prajapati family were killed in the Gozari incident.  Makarpura police station PI Jignash Patel said that two persons were killed in the bizarre accident this morning and action was being taken against them.  Taking possession of the bodies, they have been sent to Sayaji Hospital for postmortem.

4 people injured in the accident

 In another accident, a car overturned on the Padmala and Sankarda bridges near Vadodara with a flat tire.  Four people from Vejalpur in Ahmedabad have been shifted to hospital for treatment.  Punaji Sanaji Thakor, Khodaji Bawaji Thakor, Mahesh Babu Thakor and Balwant Singh Navghanji Thakor from Vejalpur village in Ahmedabad district were on their way to Vadodara in a car.  Four people were brought to Sayaji Hospital for treatment of minor and major injuries in the accident.  The Nandesari police have been informed of the accident and legal action has been taken.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો.

Earlier, two young men were killed

 It is to be mentioned that 4 months ago, two young men were killed on the spot near Jambuwa Bridge when the tires of the truck turned over again.  In the incident, the wheels of more than one vehicle turned on a young man and the corpse was blown away.  The carcasses of the corpses were scattered over an area of ​​10 feet.

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