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Friday, August 20, 2021

Rakshabandhan 2021 || Rakshabandhan Auspicious moment || રક્ષાબંધન શુભ મૂહુર્ત || Raksha Bandhan Photo Frames application || Raksha Bandhan Photo Frames

 Rakshabandhan on Sunday: This year Rakshabandhan festival can be celebrated from 7.54 am till late night.

According to Shiva Purana, offering lotus on this day has special glory

Rakshabandhan-Balev-Shravan will be celebrated with devotion on the day of Shravan Sud Poonam. According to astrologer Ashish Rawal, in folklore, Balev is known as the Diwali of the Brahmins. Also the special glory of offering lotus flower is in Shivpuran today.

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Students can be anointed with cow's milk for education today as well as Rudrabhishek with scholars. At the same time, listening or reading the Rudri text is of special importance today.

According to the scriptures, who can build a defense?

According to the scriptures, mother, guru and sister can tie Rakshasutra. Apart from that, Bhudev also binds Raksha Sutra to his host Rajpurohit Raja. Rakshasutra is not common but faithfully worn Rakshasutra saves a person from many troubles. The best example of this is found in the Mahabharata according to our scriptures, under which Kunta Mata tied the Rakshasutra to her grandson Abhimanyu and crossed six kothas at random.

આ પણ વાંચો :- WHATSAPPમાં ડિલીટ થયેલા મેસેજ કેવી રીતે વાંચવા જાણો 

To celebrate Rakshabandhan Parva, the sister will pray to protect her brother by tying the ashes. The whole day is considered to be the best for tying rakhi, but according to folklore, it is considered best to tie rakhi after seeing good chodhadia.

અમદાવાદ શહેરના અંશ્રાશ રેખાશ અનુસાર ચોધડીયા મુજબ શુભ મૂહુર્ત
ચલ ૭.૫૪ થી ૯.૩૧
લાભ ૯.૩૧ થી ૧૧.૦૭
અમૃત ૧૧.૦૭ થી ૧૨.૪૪
શુભ ૧૪.૨૧ થી ૧૫.૫૮ બપોરે
શુભ ૧૯.૧૧ થી ૨૦.૩૪ સાંજે
અમૃત ૨૦.૩૪ થી ૨૧.૫૮ રાત્રે
ચલ ૨૧.૫૮ થી ૨૩.૨૧ રાત્રે
અભિજિત મૂહુર્ત ૧૨.૩૯
(વિજય મૂહુર્ત)

આ પણ વાંચો :- કોઈ પણ ફોનનું રેકોડિંગ સાંભળો તમારા ફોનમાં 

This complete information has been given by the famous astrologer Ashish Rawal (, the pioneer of the Astrological Education and Research Foundation of Ahmedabad.

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