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Saturday, August 14, 2021

3 workers killed in Saurashtra cement factory chimney

 Tragedy: Saurashtra Cement Factory refuses to accept bodies of 3 workers trapped in chimney

3 workers were injured, 2 were shifted to Rajkot in critical condition

The responsible worker or contractor of the factory did not return to the PM room for 15 hours

The accident took place at Ranavav Saurashtra Cement Factory at 3:15 pm on Thursday. At the completion of the work in the 85-meter chimney, 6 workers were trapped between the chimney with the pipe going to release the chimney and these workers were rescued to get out. After 9 hours of rescue, 3 workers from the chimney were killed. While 3 workers survived. The three injured workers were shifted to a private hospital, out of which Darasingh Razak was shifted to Rajkot Hospital for further treatment including multiple fractures and Kaptansindh Razak to head injuries while Srinivas Razak was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Porbandar.

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Importantly, the bodies of the three workers were taken to the government hospital in Porbandar for PM at 2 pm and when they arrived with two workers from the same worker's village, the responsibility was handed over to a security guard, not a responsible worker and contractor of Saurashtra Cement Factory. . By 8:30 a.m., the three deceased workers had become PMs after no responsible personnel had returned.

Fellow workers said they had been hungry since nightfall and the civil guards had breakfast in the morning. He was offended by the negligence of the cement factory and refused to accept the dead bodies of the three workers, saying that they would not be taken away until they received the certificates of the deceased workers from the civil hospital, the police and the certificates and money from the cement factory. Neither the contractor Gauravsindh nor the factory workers had arrived by 5 pm and the deadbody was lying in the cold storage of the PM room.

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The negligence of the safety department of the cement factory: both fellow workers

Colleagues of the deceased workers said they had to go between the chimneys and drop the iron machete from there. The workers wore safety belts but the responsibility of checking whether these belts are fastened remains with the personnel of the safety department of the cement factory but the checking personnel only removed their heads and walked down despite the safety belts. And three workers have lost their lives.

Witnessing the incident, the injured worker fought for 9 hours

The accident took place in the chimney of a cement factory in which Srinivasa Razak was also with Machado. The injured worker said from the hospital bed that the pipe in which the safety belt was fastened was also broken. The incident was not investigated by the Safety Department. 6 comrades were trapped in the middle of the chimney and the iron pipes were on their feet for 8 hours so that for 9 hours they fought against death amidst an atmosphere of fear.

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The contractor did the duty

A worker named Brijesh Razak said that the contractor Gauravsindh told us about 3 months of work and brought us to the cement factory and did not even pay the bus fare and did not come to the PM's room despite making several calls to Gauravsindh after the accident.

Crimes against those responsible and Rs. Demand for assistance of Rs 25 lakh

Porbandar Advocate Bhanubhai Odedra, in a letter to the Chief Minister, said that a chimney accident had taken place at Saurashtra Cement Factory and 3 workers had lost their lives so that a case of manslaughter could be registered against the culprit and the family of the deceased worker could pay Rs. 25 lakh assistance has been demanded.

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Names of the deceased

Birsinh Jatav

Sunil Kushwaha

Brajendra Muniram Jatav

Three artisans will leave the MP's Eklot village at once

The deceased worker lives in Ilkot village of Sopore district of Madhya Pradesh. The deceased Sunil has three daughters while the other two deceased laborers are unmarried. All three workers are from the same village so that all three will leave with the meaning of the deceased worker. There is an atmosphere of mourning in the village.

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Accepted the corpse 17 hours later

After the PM of the three deceased workers, the fellow worker said that we have been sitting near the PM's room since 2 pm and still our contractor or the responsible worker of the factory has not knocked for 17 hours. So a worker went to Ranavav Cement Factory and was assured that the deceased workers would get certificates as well as justice. So after 17 hours these three workers have finally agreed to accept the deadbody.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહિયા ક્લિક કરો 

No police complaint yet regarding cement factory accident

Three workers have lost their lives and three others have been injured in a chimney accident at Ranavav Cement Factory. No police complaint has been registered against any of them yet, Ranavav police said. A case will be registered against those responsible.

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