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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Rajkot family on their way to meet Chotila later collided with a vehicle, killing their daughter and uncle on the spot

  Time is running out before the darshan: The family, who were going to meet Chotila, later overturned an unknown vehicle, believing that their 1-year-old daughter and uncle died on the spot.

The injured parents of the daughter have been shifted to Rajkot Civil Hospital

Another hit-and-run incident has occurred on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway. The Miyatra family of Rajkot was overwhelmed when they went to fulfill their daughter's beliefs. The family is mourning the death of their innocent 1-year-old daughter and her uncle, who was believed to have been hit by an unidentified vehicle on foot.

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The parents of the deceased daughter were injured

According to the information received, the Miyatra family living near Ajidem Circle in Rajkot was overwhelmed. After a break in the rain yesterday evening, 4 members of the Miyatra family walked out of the house at around 6 pm to pay homage to their 1-year-old daughter and at around 1 to 1.30 pm on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway near Kuchiadal village, an unidentified motorist hit them at full speed. Was released. In which 1 year old innocent daughter Navya and her uncle Ravibhai Miyatra died on the spot. Her parents have been shifted to Rajkot Civil Hospital for treatment.

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Police registered a crime against an unidentified driver

The father of the newcomer said, "I have only one daughter in the offspring and to fulfill the belief of the same daughter, they were going to complete the belief by walking on foot at 6 pm yesterday." At this time, between 1 and 1.30 pm, an unidentified driver tripped and killed my daughter and her cousin's brother Ravi. Currently, the police have registered a case against the unidentified driver and taken legal action.

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Injury to daughter's mother in hand and father in head

The mother of the daughter, who was shifted to Rajkot Civil Hospital, sustained serious hand injuries. While her father suffered a serious head injury. Both were rushed to hospital in a bloody condition. However, the father of the daughter is in good health. But the family is devastated when one of the daughters is snatched away.

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A cleaner was killed in an accident between two trucks in Rajkot three days ago

Three days ago, Isar was hit by a closed truck near Bedi Chokdi in Rajkot in the morning. Deepak Sonalki Padiku, who lives in Ukarda village of Paddhari taluka and works as a cleaner, was trapped in a bent bonnet.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહિયા ક્લિક કરો 

 However, crowds of people had gathered and 108 were rushed to the spot. Deepak was killed when a team of 108 investigated. Police later recovered his body and his family's elder brother Nareshbhai rushed to inform his family. Police took further action in this regard.

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