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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Locked in Russak, shortened the frozen youth, shortened the likelism

 Family allegation: Locked in Russak, shortened the frozen youth, shortened the likelism, shutting the door, because the bigbhai saw a hung from the window

Rajeev Gandhi Housing on the city's monk Vaswani Road

Partial lockdown was imposed in the second lethal ware in Corona in Rajkot. Due to which many family have been deducted in economic crisis. So earlier, small business owners have attempted suicide or suicide. When the young man who lived in Rajiv Gandhi accommodation on the city's monk Vaswani Road, the youth has signed the spouse of the business of the business. 

The University Police Running the incident, is going to move the body of the young man to move the hospital for the PM. According to the details of the deceased light was unmarried, thereby led to the hook in the hook of the fan of the light of the light of Rajeev Gandhi Road, Gangdaughter Road, Gangotri Dairy. The light was in three brothers. Her father is not surviving and itself was unmarried. The family worked to work in light labor.

The big brother Pradip was closed when the big brother pride was closed this morning when the biggest brother of light was knocked. Hence the door did not open knocking. So the little brother wanted to light the light. After that, EMT Arunaban Chawda and Pilot Plenty Chews, who were reported to 108 were run into the spot. Imbring the door of the room, EMT Arananabe declared the light dead. As well as the police fleet was reported to the university police station and the papers were made. After publication lockdown, the families said not to spare the work of not running the work.

 Labor in Corona, the problem of Rajesh Nikhbhai Makwana, who lives in the Vajminzon Vihar Society, had eaten his home 8 days ago. The Rajesh had immediately dropped down on the room to hang in the room. And reported 108. In the investigation of 108, the Taluka police informed the death of the race.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

 The Taluka police investigation was doing the Rajesh labor. But in the coronian episism, the economy did not get the business in economic construction. How to run a wife and daughter, we know the step in worrying.

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