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Friday, June 25, 2021

જામનગરમાં વિધિના બહાને તાંત્રિકે કર્યું યુવતીનું અપહરણ, પછી આચર્યું દુષ્કર્મ

 In Jamnagar, a Tantric kidnapped a girl under the pretext of a ritual, then committed a crime

Cases of physical harassment or misconduct by hypocritical monks under the pretext of performing rituals with women or young girls have come up from time to time.  Then a similar case has come up in a village of Jamnagar taluka.  In which a Tantric kidnapped a young woman under the pretext of Tantric rituals and then committed adultery with her.  The Tantric has been nabbed from Ahmedabad by the police following a complaint lodged at the police station.

According to reports, a young woman living with her family in Naranpar village of Jamnagar went missing suddenly.  The family members searched for the girl but could not find her. The family members lodged a complaint at the police station.  Police registered a complaint about the girl's disappearance and started searching for her.  The police investigation revealed that the girl was abducted by a tantric.  So the police started searching for this Tantric and the Tantric was caught from Ahmedabad.  The interrogation of the Tantric revealed that the Tantric had abducted the girl and taken her to places like Junagadh, Rajasthan and Ahmedabad and raped the girl at these places under the pretext of rituals.

Tantricani was taken to the police station after being detained by the police and an attempt was made to test his corona at the police station.  On the other hand, a medical checkup of the victim is also being done.  The police investigation revealed that the accused was identified as Jitendra Singh Parmar, 42, a resident of Modasa taluka in Aravalli district.  The accused was working with her at the girl's farm and told her that the girl had to perform a tantric ritual 6 months ago saying that the girl was a parent and that Jitendra Singh Parmar used to rape the girl from time to time under the pretext of a tantric ritual.

The police investigation also revealed that he had threatened to kill the Tantric girl after committing atrocities with her.  After making this threat, he picked up the girl and took her with him.  In Junagadh, Ahmedabad and Rajasthan, he lived with the girl in different places and committed adultery with her.  Police have arrested Tantric and started further investigation.

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