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Thursday, May 13, 2021

The body of a 13-year-old boy who was fond of making stunt videos was found strangled in Sarthana, Surat.

 A warning case for parents: The body of a 13-year-old boy who was fond of making stunt videos was found strangled in Sarthana, Surat.

  • The mother took her mobile phone as the video of her friend studying in 8th standard was being shared on social media
  • The secret of eating traps yourself or stuffing a dupatta in the throat, P.M. The cause of death was reported to be traps
  • Mitt has made 500 videos in the last one year, the family says

The body of a 13-year-old boy who was fond of making stunt videos in Sarthana was found strangled in the gallery of his house. It is still a mystery whether Mitt, who is studying in Std-8, ate the traps himself or had a dupatta stuffed in his throat, but according to the postmortem report, the cause of death was clear, police said. His mother took his mobile phone from him as he was constantly uploading videos of the dance, including the stunt, on social media. That. Gurjar said.

Ashwin Laxmanbhai Veeradia, a native of Kerala (Veeradia) village in Amreli district, currently lives with his family in Mansarovar Society, Sarthana. The family consists of wife Ansuya, daughter Henny alias Hetu and youngest son Meet (13 years). Ashwinbhai runs an embroidery-textile account in Udhana. Meet was currently studying in Std. He was currently at home due to lockdown and vacation. Meet was very fond of doing stunts, dancing, singing songs. He used to punch the wall as if he was boxing.

The secret is in the trappings

He used to make videos of these activities and upload them on social platforms. He also did stunts in the home gallery on Tuesday evenings. Sister Haney went to the gallery to see her, not even coming home until 7 p.m. At first glance, the brother appeared to be seated, but on closer inspection he was in a trap. A five-foot-high nail in the gallery was tied with a rope-like cord. He was rushed to Surat Diamond Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Meet had a passion for stunts: Dad

Mitt's father said he loved to do stunts, never letting go of a chance to dance. Trapped in this way is not considered. Nothing can be said. No doubt about anyone. We seem to have lost everything.

Mitt's neck was twisted: PSI

PSI MB Padhiyar said the post-mortem report clearly found that he had eaten traps. However, it is still under investigation whether he ate the traps himself or wrapped the dupatta around his neck while playing. His neck was also found to be twisted.

Red signal for parents, need to monitor children's activity

Psychology describes two conflicting desires in the dormant desires of human beings. The first is ‘Eros’ aka Jijivika meaning lust for life and the second is ‘Thanetos’ aka the desire to die, meaning Mumursha. These two subconscious desires manifest in different forms throughout life, such as a person with more thanatos, stunting an addictive, dangerous lifestyle or biostatus, and sometimes taking out the work of ‘mumursha’.

They enjoy meeting appreciation

Adolescents have vitality, adventurousness, intense desire to do something new. It blends the role models of the glamor world. Plus, they have handy digital tools. Stunts that seem like a timepass in the beginning can sometimes become a source of pleasure and ego prempering by getting too much appreciation. And if this activity proceeds as a 'Major Risk Taking Behavior' instead of proceeding in a restrained, monitored, regulated way, such a tragedy could ensue.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો 

Such tragic accidents, even if they happen, remain a red signal for parents. Adolescents cannot be over-suppressed, over-disciplined or totally neglected, liberated, unmonitored. The balance between the two is as delicate and difficult to practice. Stunts sometimes shake everyone up instead of ‘Kill’ instead of ‘Thrill’.

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