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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

You can also read the deleted message of WhatsApp, know how

 You can also read the deleted message of WhatsApp, know how

New Delhi (JNN).  WhatsApp, the leading social messaging app, has recently released a new feature called Message Recall or 'Delete for Everyone'.  With the help of this feature, users can recall messages sent by mistake.  Even if the receiver has read the message sent on your behalf, it can also be deleted with the help of this feature.  But do you know that you can also read deleted messages from WhatsApp?  We are going to tell you how to read the deleted message in our news.

How to read delete message

Apart from this, there are some such apps which can be very useful for you.  We are going to tell you about the Primo app, through which if you want, you can chat with anyone without revealing your real number.  While chatting, the person will see your number but that number will not be yours.

WhatsApp provides its users with a backup of chats made on the device.  Apart from this, Android device users have the option to create their own Google Drive and iOS device users have the option to backup their messages on iCloud.  You can create a backup on Google Drive or iCloud by going to Chat & Backup from the app's settings.  For this you get the option of autobackup.  You can choose when the app will be able to backup your chats to Google Drive or iCloud, allowing you to get back old messages.  You can also recover messages like this ...

પુત્રને આપી ખતરનાક સજા:વેપારી પિતાએ 25 વર્ષના દીકરા પાસેથી દોઢ કરોડનો હિસાબ માગ્યો, ન મળતાં થિનર ફેંકી પુત્રને જીવતો સળગાવી દીધો વિગત વાર માહિતિ માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

 Using Google Drive / iCloud Backup:

 - If the chat has been deleted, uninstall WhatsApp.

 - After this reinstall on Play Store / App Store.

 - Setup WhatsApp only on your old number.

 - Last you will have the option to restore the backup.

 - Tap this restore and wait for the message to be restored.

 - Messages and chats you've deleted will be returned.

 (Note: If the auto-backup is ready after the message is deleted, it can be restored. You can take the help of local backup for this.)

Using Local Backup:

 Tricks to get messages back using local backup will only work on Android phones.

 WhatsApp also creates a local backup in the device at 2 o'clock every day (when the net is on), which will help you.  Follow these steps

 - Go to the file manager in the Android phone.

 - Open the Database folder in the WhatsApp folder here.

 - Where you will see many files and there you select msgstore.db.crypt12.

 - Now name any other database here msgstore.db.crypt12.

 - Delete old backups in Google Drive.  For this you have to go to Backup in the menu of Drive app.

 - Now uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.

 - Setup WhatsApp and at last you will get the option to restore local backup.

 - Tap Restore here and your deleted chat will be restored.

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