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Friday, March 12, 2021

Massacre in false decency: cut brother-in-law's throat with an ax

 Massacre in false decency: cut brother-in-law's throat with an ax, took his head and reached the police station;  Sister's body was found strangled

Incident at Burman Maholla in Ramanagara, Tilwara, Jabalpur

 The sister ran away three months ago and married a young man of another race

In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, the love story has come to a sad end in a wrong way.  The girl's brother has killed her brother-in-law by cutting his throat with an ax.  Filling his head in a sack, he reached the police station 7 km away from the bike and surrendered.  So shortly after the incident his sister, who lived in the pier, was found hanging on a fan.

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 Police clarified in the preliminary investigation that the girl has committed suicide.  The event is the morning of March 11th.  Just 3 months ago, the accused's sister ran away from home and got married.  On Sunday, the girl came home saying that her boyfriend was beating her up.  She is fed up with this relationship.  Yet her husband got there.  He wanted to take her with him.  After which the accused committed this heinous murder.

 Blood kept dripping from far away from the scene

 Mintu alias Dhiraj Shukla (35), a resident of Ramnagar Burman area of ​​Tilwara, reached Tilwara police station with a sack.  Blood was dripping from the bag.  The policemen were annoyed to see this.  Police arrested him immediately.  After which it was realized that there is someone's head in the bag.  During interrogation, Dhiraj said that he had killed Vijet Kashyap (40), a resident of Shankarghat Tilwara, on a farm near Burman area in his village Ramanagara.  Police arrived at the scene and found the victim's torso on a road passing near the farm.  The severed paw of his hand also fell there.

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Vijet Kashyap ran away from home and married Dhiraj's sister Pooja (19 years) on December 13, 2020.  Pooja's family had lodged a complaint at the Tilwara police station on December 29, 2020.  The two were arrested by the police on February 27, 2021.  The 19-year-old Pooja then refused to return home.

 After which Vijet lived with him in a rented house in Gadha of Jabalpur.  Last Sunday, Pooja left the winner's house and came to his pier.  The winner reached Ramanagara village on Thursday.  Meanwhile, Dheeraj Shukla killed hi

 Pooja committed suicide, found a body hanging with a fan on the first flo

 Patience arrived home in a blood-soaked condition after the murder of the winner.  There he handed over his mobile and purse to sister Pooja and went to the police station with the winner's head in his bag on the bike.  Pooja, on the other hand, ran to the room on the roof.  Where he closed the iron door and hung the chair on the single bed with the fan loop tied to the fa

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 When mother Babli reached there, Pooja did not open the door.  Seen from the window, his legs were hanging.  After which he broke the wall with an ax, opened the iron door and took his daughter down from the snare.  After which the police reached the spot.  The FSL team closed and opened the front door from Bubbly in their own presence and also checked to see if he was speaking the trut

 Shivram Shukla, father of accused Dhiraj, is also in jail for selling domestic liquor.  He was arrested a month ago and sent to jail.  He has not been granted bail since.  The winner also used to come to Ramanagara Burman area to drink alcohol.  It was during this time that he became friends with Pooja after which the two ran away and got marri

 The only son was the winn

 The distance between Shankarghat Road Tilwara resident Vijet and Pooja's house is about three kilometers.  The winner was the only son.  His mother Surekha Kashyap had already passed away.  Besides father Surendra Kashyap, he has three sisters Chandin, Shivani and Shilpa.  Reaching the spot as soon as she got the news of her brother's murder, Shilpa said that Pooja's family had agreed to the marriage and they had written to the police station saying they had no objection to the marriage

ગુજરાતીમાં વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

 Pooja was the only sister between the two brothe

 So Pooja Shukla was also the only daughter of mother Babli and father Shivram Shukla.  He has an older brother Dhiraj and a younger brother Chintu alias Lovekush Shukla.  Dheeraj had married two times for the second time he has married a tribal girl queen.  He has a three-month-old son, Armaan.  His first wife Anjana Shukla left him.  However, she was not

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