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Friday, February 12, 2021

What is Bitcoin? Learn what a bitcoin price is

 bitcoin: Anyone who bought this coin for Rs 45.53 10 years ago now owns Rs 35 lakh

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, is becoming very popular among investors who would have bought it 10 years ago to become millionaires today, the coin has risen from એક 1 to, 48,226 in the last 10 years.

 According to Mint, the digital currency Bitcoin was launched in 2009, first reached one dollar on February 9, 2011 and then reached 48226 on February 9, 2021.

 Compared to the Sensex, the Sensex rose 191.76 per cent in 10 years, from 17,592 to 51,329 points, according to data from  Bitcoin has become one of the best performing assets in a decade.

The price of Bitcoin has risen to Rs.  Near 35 lakh

Bitcoin prices rose for the second day in a row after Tesla, the largest US electric car maker, announced it would accept car payments in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and on Tuesday it rose to ૪૮ 3,000, or about Rs.  5 lakh was reached.  Tesla's announcement added fuel to the fire in the cryptocurrency's global market, which began in February.  As a result, Bitcoin prices have reached new record levels following an unprecedented surge.  Digital currency is expected to grow in India as the Reserve Bank of India also starts considering introducing its own cryptocurrency.

 Tesla's decision to buy ના 1.5 billion worth of bitcoin as well as accept Bitcoin as money for car sales has sent Bitcoin prices soaring in two days.  Bitcoin prices in Asian markets rose to ૪૮ 6,619 on Tuesday.  In Indian currency, the price of a bitcoin is Rs.  2.5 lakh was exceeded.  Bitcoin has risen 3% this year and 200% compared to last year.

 Tesla has become the largest company in the world to support the controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin with the announcement of investing in Bitcoin.  Tesla has also announced the adoption of digital currency i.e. cryptocurrency for its products.  After Tesla, the possibility of other companies buying Bitcoin was being discussed in the world market.  As many countries, including India and China, prepare to launch their own digital currencies, cryptocurrencies are now expected to enter the mainstream of global money markets.  In addition, large companies and investment houses are now more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies.

 Antony Tranchev, managing partner and co-founder of Nexo in London, says he expects 10 per cent of the top 500 US companies to invest in Bitcoin by the end of 203.  Due to the increasing use of Bitcoin in money laundering and fraud, policymakers have been constantly criticizing Bitcoin.

 With the rise in the price of Bitcoin, the value of about 2,000 cryptocurrencies in the world market has risen to a total of ૨ 1.50 trillion to ૨૫ 1.5 trillion.  Bitcoin prices jumped as high as ૪૮ 6,000 on Tuesday to ૫ 215 to 50.

 Along with Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also rose.  The price of a cryptocurrency called Etherium rose to થી 150 to ૭૮૫ 15 today.  Shares of companies with such cryptocurrency grading platforms also rose.  Bitcoin prices have doubled in two months.  Bitcoin prices have risen 20 to 3 percent this year.  In 2020, prices had risen by 200 per cent.

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