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Saturday, February 6, 2021

How to send a song to whatsapp using recording?

 How to send a song to whatsapp using recording?

WhatsApp instant messaging has been making our everyday lives easier and one of the many advantages it has, is that it allows us to send all kinds of files to another over mobile devices. That includes sending pictures, messages, videos and music in various magical formats. Life is about sharing all the details and if you suddenly feel the need to send your friends a fantastic song that you like, with WhatsApp anything is possible. On we tell you how to send a song on WhatsApp.

Steps to follow:

  • There are several ways to send or share an audio file through WhatsApp and often the options available vary according to the OS you have on your smartphone. We will tell you the most popular options used by most people and so you can choose the one that best suits you. All are simple and very practical. Let's go! Grab your mobile and start practicing, at your finger is a world of music downloads to share with everybody.

  • The most common form to share a song by WhatsApp is by using the button with a symbol that is a clip. It usually appears when you hold a conversation with another person or a group, up in the right corner of the device. Click on the clip and several options will appear. If your operating system is android the icons that appear are: gallery, location, photo, video, and audio contact.

  • If your Mobile is iOs, it is much more restrictive. You can choose a sound recorder, but if you have installed a download management program as Filemaster, you can select files to send through WhatsApp. If you want to send a picture from a funky iPhone, in this OneHowTo article we tell you how to send more than 16 MB on Whatsapp.

In other systems you can access this after clicking 'Audio' in the music player where you can choose a song stored on your device.

  • If you press the 'Audio' button, it will direct you to three icons - one of which is the 'Select Song' button. Another records with WhatsApp and the last is the music player. You must choose the icon to select song, so the list of songs that are stored in the terminal will appear. Once they are in your music list, just select the one you want, and press send. Whoever receives it, has just to click-and download the audio file.

  • It is not necessary to follow this path to send a song or audio file on WhatsApp. Depending on the operating system available, the options may vary. You can browse your audio files gallery, choose a song and share it. When you press to send the file, you can choose from: Skype, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Hotmail, and others.

At that point, you can choose share by WhatsApp and then select the contact you want to send that song. You can also open a song with an editing program or sound recorder and then choose the option of sharing on WhatsApp.

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