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Saturday, February 13, 2021



How to compose Dj Song of your name

Still, also you must have heard the name of some DJ in it, some Anchorpeople don't have their name in their remix songs but some Anchorpeople put their DJ voice label in their remix song so that You can know who th0e song is remixed if you also remix the songs and want to put your name in that song first you want to have a voice label in your name, If you hear a DJ remix song. So that you can add it to your chant song. 

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To make DJ voice markers, you can use any website online or you can use any Android app so that you can convert any textbook into speech, also download that speech and apply it to it so that it's compatible with voice label If you get further effective also you have step- by- step complete information on how to make your voice label first and how to put it in your remix song. 

Now you have to create your name.

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Type your name.

English name is better than English language. Keep speed as well.

Select voice

Now on the coming runner you can download your name and download it. Now you have got your MC voice label too. Now how do you put an it into In effect. Open virtual software for him. Go to his Sampler Tab. 

You can register up to 12 samples.

Click on the option of load by clicking on the button of the play button in the sampler.

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Now elect the voice label that's downloaded. 

Your name will now be loaded in the first sample 

When you click on the option of the play, your voice will play and if you play the song you can play it from the sample. 

By adding your voice markers in the sample, you go to the recording tab and start the recording. And also play thesong.However, you can play your voice label on the go, If you want to add yourname.And stop recording. 

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how to reduce size of audio

If the size of the recorded train is larger also you can reduce the size using the WAV to mp3 software or you can reduce the size of the train using the format plant software. 

Above you, you have been asked to add your voice label to any song with the help of virtualsoftware.However, also you use such a plant and add it to your voice label and apply it on it, If you want to do a great remix. In FL Studio, you'll find a lot of audio goods, so you can make your Voice Label better and mix better. You'll find full information related to FL Studio on our website. View our post for detailon FL Studio. Fl Studio Free Video Hindi Tutorials 

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