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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Earnings / If you want to earn 70 thousand per month, start this work from today, the government also helps

 Earnings / If you want to earn 70 thousand per month, start this work from today, the government also helps

There are many businesses in the country that can make a good profit with less money. One of them is the dairy products business.

  • Invest five lakh rupees in this business
  • 70 thousand will be earned every month
  • The central government also helps

આ પણ વાંચો :- અમૂલ કંપની આપી રહી છે નોકરીની સુવર્ણ તક, પહેલા દિવસથી કમાણી શરૂ થઈ  જશે 

Dairy products are items that people use in their daily lives. There is no danger of loss in this business, because people meet their daily needs in any way, one of them is dairy products. You can earn Rs 70,000 per month by investing just Rs 5 lakh in the dairy products business. The central government is also helping to start this business. If you also want to start this business, plan ahead.

Loans will be available under Mudra Loan Scheme

Starting a business requires money first. There is no need to panic for this, the Modi government's Pradhan Mantri Mudra loan scheme can easily arrange investments. For this business the government also gives you complete information about the project along with the money so that you can start the business comfortably.

The loan will get 70% of the total investment

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Now if you start a dairy products business, you can get 70% of the total cost from a government currency loan in the form of a bank loan.

You have to invest Rs 5 lakh yourself

According to the project profile, the project of this business can be prepared up to about 16 lakh 50 thousand rupees. All you have to do is invest Rs 5 lakh yourself.

This is how the project will be

According to the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana project, 75,000 liters of flavored milk can be traded in this business in a year. Besides, 36 thousand liters of yoghurt, 90 thousand liters of butter and 4500 kilograms of ghee can also be made and sold. According to that, the turnover will be around 82 lakh 50 thousand rupees. There will be a costing of around Rs 74 lakh while you can earn around Rs 8 lakh even after deducting 14 per cent interest.

That much space will be needed

ગુજરતીમ વાંચવા માટે અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો 

Starting this business will require 1000 square feet of space. This will require 500 square feet of space in the processing area, 150 square feet in the refrigeration room, 150 square feet in the washing area, 100 square feet in the office, toilet and other facilities.

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