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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

WordPress OR BlogSpot Which Is Better & Why?

Before we start blogging, it comes to our mind that WordPress OR BlogSpot Which Is Better & Why? so today we will talk about this and learn which platform we should be blogging on. WordPress, blogger (blog post) and some other options are which is good for blogging, finally, we have 2 options left. WordPress and Blogger are both the most important and it is difficult to say clearly which is better if ranking, popularity, and Search engine If we say on the edge, WordPress is much better than blogger because of people like WordPress more because of fewer features in blogger.

WordPress OR BlogSpot Which Is Better & Why?

If someone asks me from whom should I start WordPress or blog, then my answer would be that you use bloggers, at least 3 months in the beginning because it is free and simple, you can manage it easily when you are blogging. If you understand it well then you can shift from blogger to WordPress.

I too started with blogger and when I got a good knowledge of blogging, I shifted to WordPress, it is difficult for us to start, but slowly we can learn everything with the help of another blogger. We do not want to lengthen so we will talk about it again. Let’s talk at this point WordPress OR BlogSpot Which Is Better? then you should choose which platform.

WordPress OR BlogSpot Which Platform is Right and Which Platform to Choose?

Why Select WordPress? (WordPress क्यों चूने?)

  • WordPress gives you complete control over your blog and you can manage the blog on your own, that is, you can do anything on your blog, you can host your file, you have full control over SEO, you can choose the plugin which you like, also add a plugin which makes your blog, even more, search engine friendly.
  • It has unlimited features and you can always use the latest plugin. In your words, you can manage WordPress however you want, WordPress gives you the freedom to do everything you want, by installing your blogger blog on WordPress. So that all the posts on your blogger blog have moved to WordPress.

Why Select BlogSpot? (BlogSpot क्यों चूने?)

  • The most important thing is the blogger is free. It is very easy to manage. When you start blogging, BlogSpot is the best platform to learn to blog. You want to blog person or you just want to share your idea with logo and If there is no information about income from blogging, then you can use blogger because the reason is that you have limited control over visibility in the search engine.
  • Compared to WordPress, you have limited features in bloggers, it is not necessary to show a website in the search engine, on which platform you are blogging, actually, the search engine depends on what you search for the website. has submitted from the engine.
  • When I started blogging on the blogger, I used to get the most views from the search engine, and every new post used to show in the search engine in 1 hour, so it is the core rumor that the search engine relies less on the BlogSpot.
  • If you do not know much about blogging and now you have taken the first step in blogging, then I will suggest that you choose the blogger.

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Why Not Start WordPress in Blogging Starting?

  • Mainly Most reason WordPress is fully paid Version, and in this, you have to pay for many plugins, due to lack of complete knowledge of blogging, you will not be able to manage WordPress, because of the many features in WordPress, you will have a lot of problems to manage.
  • If you have less money and you take the WordPress hosting at the start, then it will be your foolishness. Almost every successful blogger has started from blogger, so I would like to tell you once again that until you become completely perfect in blogging. Use bloggers only.

Blogspot v/s WordPress for New Blogger

  • Blogger is free and WordPress is a paid service.
  • Due to limited features in Blogger, you can easily manage it while not in WordPress.
  • Blogger is a free way to learn to blog that you cannot do on WordPress.
  • Blogger is a simple platform and WordPress is amazing.
  • If you want to do simple blogging then the blogger is right and if you want to do business, then WordPress is the no. 1 platform for it.

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Final Conclusion:

I hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to choose the right platform for you and your confusing will go away on which platform you should be blogging and what is better for you, so now let’s throw a comment about what your plan is And what do you want to blog about.

If you want to ask any question related to the internet or blog or if you face any problem in understanding this post, then you can tell me in the comment right now, I will be happy to help you.

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