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Sunday, April 26, 2020

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress in 2020?

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress? Blogger is a free service, we can share our thoughts with the world by creating a free blog on Blogpost. Blogger is the most popular platform for personal blogging and new peoples for Start new Blogging. We can also learn blogging by making a blog on bloggers and if you want to do business online then you can choose WordPress. WordPress has an unlimited feature which gives us full control in managing your website, if you want to earn a good income online then I will ask you for WordPress. In this post, we will talk about How to Move from Blogger to WordPress.

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress in 2020?

Before Starting How to Move from Blogger to WordPress? we should talk a little bit about this so that we do not have any further problems. You are reading this post, it means that you are new to WordPress, so you need to know what are the essentials to be swift on WordPress.

1. Basic Knowledge of WordPress:

Before going to WordPress, you should know so much that you have no problem with managing it. This is the same way as sending you to another earth, so what to do there, you do not know anything about it by the way. If you want to be swift on WordPress, then before that you must have its basic knowledge.

2. Hosting:

These are the most important. WordPress is a paid service without hosting. You cannot even manage 10% of WordPress. Most of the reason you will not be able to change the theme of WordPress without hosting. SiteGround and GoDaddy It would be beneficial to take hosting from both these websites as both are better in loading speed. If I talk about me, I have taken hosting from SiteGround.

3. Install WordPress Blog To Own Hosting:

After taking hosting, you have to install WordPress on your hosting, for this, you can install WordPress by going to the place where you have taken hosting. If this does not happen to you, tell me through comments, I will post about it and will put a link here, you can follow it.

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress? 

Now we come to the topic. You do not have any problem in transferring from Blogspot to WordPress, so we will talk step by step here, so now you can do whatever your laptop desktop is on and follow the steps carefully below.

Step-1 Export Yor Blogger Blog

First of all, you need to backup your blogger blog, log in to blogger, and go to the setting of the blog you want to transfer to WordPress and click on others.

Go to blogger dashboard => settings => other and now click on Back up Content in front of Import & back up.

Back up Content on Blogger posts

Now a new popup window will open, click on “Save to Your Computer” in it.

Back up Content on Blogger posts

Your content file backup includes posts, pages, and comments, the file download will start as soon as you click on the Save to Your Computer. According to the size of the blog, it may take 3 – 5 minutes to download.

Step-2 Import Blogger To WordPress

After the backup download of Blogger is to import Blogger to WordPress, then log in by going to WordPress and go to the dashboard of your WordPress blog, Now Click Tools => Import, then click on Blogger according to the image.

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress?

Now Click on “Install Now” on the Below the Blogger.

1. What will import:

Categories (label), posts, comments, and images will move only.

2. What Won’t Improve:

Widgets, Template/theme, and comment avatar mean that the photos of the people who have made comments on your website will not move.

So now you need to know what is transferring from Blogger to WordPress – what is transfer and what is not.

After downloading the blogger importer plugin as soon as you click on WordPress “Install Now“, Click on “Rum importer“.

Blogspot to WordPress Rum importer

Now WordPress will ask you to “Upload file and import” of blogger simple you have to select the example file from your PC which you had just exported from a blogger by clicking “Choose file” and selecting example file and Click on “Upload file and import

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

Now WordPress will import one post of your blogger blog, it will take time, and when WordPress completes importing your blogger blog, then you will ask about the author of the imported files if you want to manage a blog on WordPress with the same name. So, stay the same, if you have used WordPress with some other name, then you can create a new account and select it.

Congratulations! “Your blogger blog has now been transferred to WordPress by the way. Check all the images in your post once because some images are missed in transferring the blogger blog to WordPress.

What to do after migrating Blogger Blog to WordPress?

After transferring the blog to WordPress, you have to redirection from the blogger blog to your WordPress blog so that users coming from blogger blogs can come to your WordPress blog. e.g. Your old domain link to the new domain link This will ensure that people are still able to access your site, through the old links. your old links will still work and bring people to the same posts which are now on WordPress. So, this will also help u to Google Rankings, that you’ve gained on your Blogger Blogs.

Step-3: Setting Up Redirection

So to get the old Links working, we are going to do 2 things: 1. Change the settings in WordPress and 2. Install the Redirection plugins in WordPress

1. Change the settings in WordPress:

To match our new website links with the blogger links to Change the Settings Go to WordPress Dashboard => Settings => General, and Change the Time Zone as per your Area and Click Save Changes. Now Go to Permalinks (WordPress Dashboard => Settings => Permalinks) and Choose “Month and Name” and Click Save Changes. This is the format that Blogger Uses and we want to match with that.

2. Install the Redirection plugins in WordPress:

In this Step now we will redirect Blogger Blogspot URL to our New WordPress Site URL. So People come to your old Blogspot URL it automatically redirects to WordPress Site.

Go to the WordPress dashboard => Plugins => Add New => Now Search “Blogger to WordPress” and Install the plugins. after the installation Now active the Plugin.

Blogspot to WordPress Setting Up Redirection

Now Set it up the Plugin Go to WordPress Dashboard => Tools => Blogger To WordPress Redirection => Start Configuration. You show your Blogger Blogspot Domain which you installed on WordPress Site. Now Click on the “GET CODE” Button and Copy the Code. Now Set up the Redirection we need to add this code into the Blogger. So that it can redirect the visitors, to our new website.

Blogspot to WordPress Setting Up Redirection

To unable to redirect Copy the code and then Go to Blogger => Theme => Scroll Down at the Bottom => Click On Revert to classic themes. and click on the Revert to classic themes link. Now Select all Code & Delete it. Now paste the code which you copied from the WordPress plugin. Then “Click Save Theme“. Ok so now we have the setup the redirection and your all old Blogspot links will now redirect to your new domain.

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

Now visitors coming to your blogger blog will be redirected to your WordPress blog.

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