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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to increase website traffic? Best Ways

How to increase traffic to your blog, website, and win the heart of the visitor. Today in this post I am going to tell you how to increase traffic on the website blog. Although millions of people have created blogs in the world, not all of them are successful in blogging. There can be many reasons for this, such as lack of traffic on the blog, lack of search engine, as well as non-approval of AdSense, etc. Whatever it is, if you want to succeed in blogging and want to increase traffic on your site, then read this post carefully till the end.

How to increase website blog traffic? Best Ways

The biggest reason for this is that people do not even make a blog completely before they apply for Adsense. When Adsense checks their blog, the blog is rejected because the blog is not correct.

Now you also want to know how to complete a blog for Adsense. If you want to know, then read this article carefully.

Now I am telling you some tips and tricks to increase traffic on the blog if you want to increase traffic on your site, then you have to follow these tips.

How to increase traffic on the website blog? (Website Blog पर Traffic कैसे बढ़ाये?)

Here I am asking you to do everything that will increase traffic on your blog.

1. Use fast loading template (फास्ट लोडिंग टेम्पलेट का उपयोग करें)

Always remember that your blog should be open fast. If your blog opens in more than 3 to 4 seconds, then users can ignore your blog.

So if you want more users to come to your blog, then make your site always open fast. Use a good and fast template for this.

2. Add a social share button to blog post (ब्लॉग पोस्ट में social share बटन जोड़ें)

The template of your blog should be such that there is an option to add a social share button to your blog post. With this, any user can share your blog post. So that more users can know about your post.

3. Write the title of the blog post well (ब्लॉग पोस्ट का शीर्षक अच्छी तरह से लिखें)

This is the biggest and best way to increase traffic to the website blog. Because when the title of your post is not good, then no one will want to read your post.

So make blog post title top, plus the title of your blog post should be a minimum of 60 words only then Google will index your post quickly.

4. Comment on another blog (दूसरे ब्लॉग पर टिप्पणी करें)

Whenever you are free, comment on their posts on other blogs, and in the comment, add the URL of your blog so that a user can come to your blog. Always reply to your blog’s users’ comments and help them.

By doing this, users will want to tell their friends about your blog, which will increase traffic on your blog. Comments are important for the blog.

5. Write Post to the points (Pointwise पोस्ट लिखें)

Whenever you write a post, choose 1 to 2 levels and paragraph, Numbering, Points wise to attract visitors. It’s useful for users to read & understand the post.

// Conclusion //

I hope you can increase traffic on your blog by following this post. If you want to continue to get similar information in the future, you can subscribe to our blog through the above Email Subscription OR other Social Media networks. Also, If you have any questions, then comment.

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