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Monday, April 20, 2020

Blogging Vs YouTube Which One is Best?

Blogging Vs YouTube Which One is Best for Earning Money?. Blogging and YouTube are the most popular for earning money on the Internet because with them we can earn money as well as names. Many people are earning a lot of money from them. For some people, these remain full-time jobs. The reason for this is that anyone can earn money sitting at home from them, but many new internet users do not know what is more beneficial and what is good for earning money, so today in this post I am saying that more benefit from blogging vs YouTube In whom and what is good for earning money.

Blogging Vs YouTube Which One is Best?

Blogging vs YouTube is especially beneficial for those brands and people who want to get more traffic for their websites. Today everyone wants to earn money and name, everyone wants to become a pro blogger, top YouTuber, and more popular user on social media sites.

You must have seen that many YouTube users are attracting everyone with their talent in videos on their YouTube channels. There are lakhs of subscribers on his channel, millions of views on videos, he is a pro-YouTuber.

So if you are new to blogging vs YouTube, then you must be wondering what is right for you. If you are thinking, then here it is said that what is good for blogging and earning money from YouTube.

Blogging Vs YouTube Which One Is Better For Making Money

Here I am going to tell you about blogging vs YouTube and you can understand what will be right for you and from whom you can earn money, so let’s first know about blogging.

What is blogging?

When you create a blog, you will become a blogger and the information that a blogger writes on his blog and shares with people is called blogging.

To earn money from blogging, writing a post will not work but you will have to share information that is new and helpful for people.

What to do for blogging?

  • Computer or laptop required.
  • Blogging platform WordPress or Blogger.
  • Blog (domain) name.
  • Best Hosting Service.
  • The blog has to be made attractive by using the Top plugin and other methods.
  • The design of the blog should be such that every user likes it.
  • Will publish a high-quality post on the blog.
  • There should be basic knowledge about SEO.
  • The blog has managed continuously.
  • More traffic will have to be increased.
  • Blogs have to be connected to AdSense to make money.

To be a success in blogging and make your blog a pro blog and make yourself a pro blogger you have to do it all. Also, to become a pro blog, blogger, you have to constantly work on your blog and call more traffic to your blog.

Therefore, Then you must know what you need to do to do blogging, so let’s now know about YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video website on which we can also watch all kinds of videos and can also upload and create videos themselves. For this, a channel will have created on YouTube on which we can earn money by uploading videos.

You do not need to write to earn money from YouTube, you just have to make videos which everyone likes. (Remember, people, will like your style, not your video.)

Note: – Your income from YouTube will start only when your YouTube channel has 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time Completed.

What will YouTube do?

  • Must create a YouTube channel (good name of channel)
  • Video upload will have to be done.
  • A camera to create a video, a computer to upload.
  • Select the Topic on which you want to make a video.
  • Video editing should come.
  • Information about YouTube SEO.

To make money from a pro channel and YouTube, you should know all these things and apart from these, I am talking about some things that you must have to earn money from YouTube.

  • Voice
  • Style
  • Tallent

However, To earn money from YouTube, you must have a good voice. Most people on YouTube like to watch videos in which YouTube is explaining them in front of the video.

After all, what should be in you is your talent, how many people you can attract from your talent.

So now you have come to know what should happen and what will have to be done to earn money from blogging vs YouTube, here let me tell you the advantages and disadvantages of blogging vs YouTube, which you can easily find out by knowing about it. What is better for you?

Blogging Vs YouTube Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Blogging: We have complete control over the blog, we can manage our blog the way we want.
  • YouTube: Frankly, we do not have any control over the YouTube channel, YouTube can delete our channel whenever it wants.
  • Blogging: To earn money from blogs, there are many advertising websites on the internet, by which we can earn money by placing advertisements on the blog.
  • YouTube: Talking about YouTube, you can make income only by placing ads on Google Adsense on videos.
  • Blogging: Also, To make money from blogging, you need to do a lot of things like blog theme, design, SEO setup, and many settings that a new user cannot do.
  • YouTube: To earn money from YouTube, you only have to upload the video after making a channel, after that do not have to do some settings.
  • Blogging: To earn money from blogging, you must first get the necessary information about it.
  • YouTube: You do not need to learn much to earn money from YouTube.
  • Blogging: By blogging, we can earn a good name along with money.
  • YouTube: Name can earn money from YouTube.
  • Blogging: On the blog, you can get the CPC of the click on ads.
  • YouTube: YouTube videos get very low CPC.
  • Blogging: You can earn money by selling affiliate program products from the blog.
  • YouTube: Also, You have fewer chances to earn money by selling affiliate program products from YouTube.

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So the things that have been said about blogging vs YouTube, it is clear that what is better than blogging vs YouTube or what is good for you to earn money from your perspective. You will decide what you would like to work on.

According to you, you should work on what you like, in which you have an interest. If you think that you can make such videos that everyone likes then you choose YouTube.

OR if you prefer to share information with people through a blog, then you can do blogging. You can also earn money with new information from people blogging.

// Conclusion //

After reading this post, you would have learned a little more about blogging vs YouTube, which is better than blogging and YouTube, and what will be good for you to earn money. Also, you must know what you have to work on if found out and you able to find out what blogging vs YouTube is good, then tell in the comment.

Also, if you have any more information about blogging vs YouTube, so that you can find out what is good for blogging or YouTube to earn money, then write about it in the comment, and yes you have good information about blogging vs YouTube in this post If you do, then share with your friends on social media.

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